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Sawyers Valley to Mt Helena


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Distance        2.9 km

Gradient        3.0 – 2.8m

Timings         Walk   45 mins Cycle 15 mins

Points of Interest       

Sawyers Valley Headmasters House at the old school

Mt Helena Tavern (built 1902)

Junction of the 2 lines meeting



Sawyers Valley

Sawyers Valley began as a pit sawyer's settlement in 1860's which was brought to life with the construction of the Railway.  In 1882 Lacey's Steam Saw Mill processed timber which was used in the building of the Fremantle jetty with two other sawmills been constructed in 1890's.  The Mill provided employment and boosted Sawyers Valley as a town site which prompted the Education Department to build a new school and teacher's residence in 1896 on the current site of the present day school.

Sawyers Valley was officially gazetted in 1896 and soon after saw the mills close down and fruit growing become the main source of income.

Mt Helena

Mt Helena formerly White's Mill was established in 1882 to provide sleepers for the railway line.  Timber from this mill was also used in Woodbridge House at Guildford and in the interior of St Georges Cathedral in Perth.  White's Mill closed in 1888 and was replaced by Lion Jarrah Mill which patented a new type of flooring known as 'pavodilus", in which floor boards fitted together with nails and in 1896  exported jarrah paving blocks to England.

The Greenmount Road Board Office built the first brick building in 1906 which housed the local Government office at Lion Mill.  The government chose Lion Mill as its headquarters because of its large population due to junction of the 2 railway lines.  The township was renamed Mt Helena in 1924 and fruit growers and poultry farmers kept the town going after the closures of the sawmills.


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​On the Trail   

Toilets          Mt Helena

Picnic/BBQ   Mt Helena

Parking         Sawyers Valley Oval Gt Eastern Hwy/ 

                     Leather Green

                     Mt Helena Cnr Keane St/Sawyers Rd


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Sawyers Valley

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Sawyers Valley