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Chidlow to Wooroloo

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Distance       12 km

Gradient        3.0 – 2.7

Timings         Walk   3 hour Cycle 1 hour

Points of Interest        

Proclamation Train Sculpture

Chidlow Hall (built 1905)

Lake Leschenaultia (created 1898)

Wooroloo Hall (built 1903)

Wooroloo Stone Culvert

Wooroloo Church

Old Post Office (private residence)

Station Masters House (private residence)




Chidlow, formerly Chidlow's Well, was named after William Chidlow who located the important well in 1831. Chidlow station was the terminus for the second section of the railway and was an important stopping place for the watering of trains and passenger refreshments which was completed in 1884.  Such was the importance of this station that the decision was made to create a railway reservoir in 1898 at the now known site lake Leschenaultia.  Named after the bright blue native flower of the area, Lake Leschenaultia was used to pump out water by steam powered pumps into the station yards.

Other than timber industry doing well orchardists found the soil extremely productive with fruit from the Chidlow area a major factor in the rapid growth of fruit exports from WA between 1907 – 1914.


Wooroloo was formerly known as "Worrilow", meaning referred to certain pools along the brook. Settlement was initiated in 1878 by James Byfield who established a steam sawmill 3.5km north of the railway line and was known from 1893-1897 as Byfield's Mill. 

In 1912 Wooroloo was chosen for its clean air as the State's sanatorium for tuberculosis sufferers.  Early treatment was unsuccessful which initiated the WA government public health campaign Kissing Can Be Dangerous until 1944 when medicine was discovered to treat tuberculosis sufferers.  Today the site has been converted to a minimum security prison.

Wooroloo Brook, 2.5km east of Ron Evans Park, was discovered by Ensign Dale and Captain Irwin in 1830 and joins the Wooroloo Brook to the Avon River and the Swan River.  The Wooroloo culvert is an illustration of significant engineering construction which provides a sense of romance with the rail era.


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​​On the Trail

Toilets          Chidlow and Wooroloo

Picnic/BBQ   Chidlow and Wooroloo

Chidlow Cnr Thomas/Old Northam rds

Wooroloo Government Rd/Green St


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